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Big Reveal: $1.25M For a Greenpoint Duplex With a Big Backyard

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Did you guess correctly?

Sometimes, in the world of real estate guessing-games, wild guesses pay off: iluvnyc hit the nail on the head with this week's Spotter apartment, a two-bedroom condo in Greenpoint that's asking—drumroll, please—$1.25 million. The apartment, located at 687 Leonard Street, is a duplex with a huge backyard, but commenters were quick to point out the place's issues—namely, that one of its levels is a converted basement. "I would never buy this for myself because it is a basement and it will get flooded at some point by some kind of watery incident," says Hanabee. Touché.

Let's look at the floorplan (which a bunch of commenters hated) one more time: