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Astor Place Cube May Make Its Grand Comeback Next Month

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The Cube was removed over a year ago for construction work on the plaza

The beloved Astor Place Cube will likely make its grand comeback next month, a spokesperson for the city's Department of Design and Construction told Bedford + Bowery. The Alamo, as the sculpture is officially known, was removed from its resting place over a year ago, as part of the ongoing construction work at Astor Place and Cooper Square.

The spokesperson didn't give an exact date but told B+B, "We anticipate the cube to be installed next month."

The area around the cube is undergoing a larger reconstruction, and many of the improved sidewalks and landscaping are now taking shape, though it's not exactly clear when Peter Cooper Park will open to the public.

The plaza was recently used as a venue for the Design Pavilion that's part of the ongoing NYCxDesign.