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Despite L Train Woes, First Ave Subway Station May Get Improvements

The planned improvements are part of the MTA's capital plan

When the MTA released its capital plan 2015-2019 back in October, one of the action items on the list was implementing changes to the First Ave subway station on the L line. The plan called for opening a new entrance in order to make the station more ADA-compliant, as well as adding an elevator on the other side of First Avenue to give riders another access point.

And then the L train shutdown news broke: For the past few months, all anyone has focused on is the forthcoming work that needs to happen on the Canarsie Tube. The two options the MTA has presented thus far—closing the tunnel between Manhattan and Brooklyn either completely for one year, or partially for three years—haven't exactly been popular, and have left riders in Brooklyn and Manhattan distressed over what's to come in the next few years.

But that hasn't stopped the MTA from moving forward with its plans for the First Ave station: According to DNAInfo, the agency will begin work on those station improvements before the L train shutdown begins, and work could continue even as the Canarsie Tube repairs get underway. That's not expected to happen until 2019, though, so we'll see what actually ends up happening.