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Soros's Former Upper East Side Townhouse Now Wants $11M Less Than Original Ask

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The palatial UES home was asking $33 million in 2015

If at first you don't succeed in selling your pricey Upper East Side townhouse, try, try again—and in the case of 116 East 70th Street, that means chopping the price down over and over again.

To briefly recap: Susan Weber Soros (the ex-wife of financier George Soros) sold the home to an anonymous LLC in 2014, and the folks behind that corporation first listed the home in 2015 for $33 million. After no one bit, the price got chopped to $28 million; then, in February, it was re-listed for $27 million. And here we are just three months later with yet another price cut: now, the home is asking just ("just") $22 million. We're not quite ready to induct this into the Pricechopper Hall of Fame, but it could get there soon.

As for the house, everything else is still the same: It's still lovely, with a copper bay window, a landscaped garden, a full-floor master suite, and other over-the-top amenities. Now to see if the even lower price will actually entice a buyer.…

116 East 70th Street

116 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021