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Trump International Tower Shows Off Another Apartment Full of Marble and Lacquer

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Because what would a Trump Tower apartment be without over-the-top interiors?

When you picture the most Trump-esque apartment that could be in a Trump building—without actually belonging to Donald Trump, that is—what do you picture? Marble columns in the foyer? A bathroom with a gilded sink? How about black lacquer everywhere?

If the answer is "all of the above and even more," then this apartment—located on the 47th floor of the Trump International Tower on Central Park West—would fulfill that quite nicely. It measures around 6,500 square feet, and comes with the sort of ’80s design choices that are wholly out of place everywhere but a Trump building.

In addition to the elements we already mentioned, there's also a coffered ceiling inlaid with lights; a gigantic Jacuzzi tub made from blue stone "hand-picked by European craftsman"; "four distinct types of marble flooring" (of course); a dining room that's outfitted in a slightly menacing shade of red; and even more.

The asking price: $40 million, which doesn't take into account how much it might cost to bring the apartment into the 21st century. On the pro side, the floor-to-ceiling windows afford a lovely view of Central Park.

Trump International

1 Central Park West, New York, NY