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Checking In on the Private Pool-Touting Condos of Soori High Line

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The 11-story High Line-hugging building has finally topped out

Although its condos first hit the market in 2014, the 11-story High Line development most well known for its luxurious amenity of private pools only topped out on Monday of this week. The milestone comes after sales in the building resumed in March, delayed to coincide with Soori's development schedule. YIMBY toured the building this week—notice all the sad, wet pavement—offering a glimpse into how things on site are swimming along.

Currently, four residences in the 31-apartment building are for sale asking between $3.5 million and $15.1 million. Of the 31 apartments, 23 come with private pools which are a trademark of architect Soo K. Chan's. (No surprise here, the $3.5 million apartment does not come with the aquatic amenity.) YIMBY learned that several of the apartments in the building have already entered contract.

Soori High Line

522 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001