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Sales Launch Recap: These Condos and Co-ops are Looking for Residents

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Historic buildings and sites are transformed by these new developments

Bowery Condos Rising From Former Salvation Army Will Start at $6.5M: What was once a Salvation Army shelter has been manifested into a boutique Annabelle Selldorf-designed building with four duplex apartments and one paramounting triplex. The ironies of life ...

Woolworth Developer's Bauhaus-Inspired Nomad Condos Launch Sales From $1.425M: 55 one to three-bedroom condos, asking from $1.425 million, launch at the NOMA.

19th-Century UWS Mansion Reborn as Boutique Condos Asking From $4.75M: Architect C.P.H. Gilbert is historically known for designing extravagant townhouses and mansions in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, three of his mansions stand as a six-story luxury condo development.

Apartments at St. Luke in the Fields Co-op Hit the Market From $4.7M: Neighboring the historic Church of St. Luke in the Fields, 100 Barrow Street have launched sales for eight of their units. The co-op building has 33 apartments with seven affordable units asking only $90,000 for those who qualify.

'Exclusive' West Village Condo on a Triangular Lot Launches Sales From $6.6M: The commotion has cleared and the new 175 West 10th Street is officially a series of five full-floor condos.