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A Couple Finds Their Ideal Home in Murray Hill for $1.558M

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These 'hunters' found a place where they could remain close to family and friends for slightly more than the right price

The New York Times real estate section features a column entitled The Hunt, where details of a couple (the "hunters") and their quest for their ideal apartment are discussed and concludes with them describing what they actually obtained in comparison to what expectations were. Here we share the experience of the Hunters.

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Dream: $1.2 million

Reality: $1.558 million


Dream: Murray Hill

Reality: Murray Hill


Dream: Spacious Symmetrical Living Room

Reality: Golf Simulator


After staying in a cramped one-converted-into-two bedroom condo with a relative and previously living in an East 34th Street building where rent soared from $2,900 per month to $3,400, Dr. Jaspal Ricky Singh and his wife, Channi Parihar set out to purchase a place to call home. Mr. and Mrs. Singh wanted to remain in Murray Hill to be close to family and friends. They had plans on expanding their family so finding a two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit was the basis for their search criteria. A one-and-a-half bathroom would have served their purposes but those proved rare and hard to find.

With a budget of about $1.2 million, the Singhs weeded through several places before finding their dream home: a two-bedroom, two bathroom East 38th Street condo with a living room big enough to be split into a guest room and space to building a nursery. Although the $1.558 million was beyond their initial budget of $1.2 million, Dr. Singh was sold when he learned that the building featured a golf simulator.

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