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Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar Advocates Launch Community Organizing Initiative

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Friends of BQX looking to gather support for proposed neighborhood connector

In efforts to garner support for the proposed Brooklyn-Queens streetcar (BQX), independent advocacy group, Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector, launched a website that will seek to educate and gather support from the community. While some people fear that the streetcar will result in a surge in prices, more traffic, and accelerated gentrification, the Friends of BQX counter with benefits that would include increased job opportunities, shorter commutes, and an overall better quality of life for NYCHA tenants and low-income residents.

Proposed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, if manifested, the streetcar route would span from Astoria, Queens to Sunset Park, Brooklyn, providing a viable solution to the limited public transportation options in neighborhoods like Red Hook, Greenpoint, and others. The proposal is garnering support of officials and some residents alike. If approved, the projected completion date is in 2024.