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Lower East Side Waterfront May Get Two More Huge Towers

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These 50-story towers could rise next to JDS and Extell's towers

Two 50-story towers could rise next to Extell's One Manhattan Square, and the recently unveiled 77-story story building being developed by JDS, Bowery Boogie reports. Though plans for these two new towers haven't officially been unveiled yet, Bowery Boogie was tipped about the speculative project at a recent community meeting for JDS's tower.

Rumor has it that the towers are planned at 265-275 South Street, a site that is owned by L+M Development Partners, and the CIM Group. The firm acquired two affordable housing complexes — Lands End I and Lands End II, located at the site, in past few years. Last week, L+M unveiled plans for the renovation work they will carry out on the Lands End I site.

These 50-story towers would rise on the Lands End II site, and bring close to 1,000 apartments to the Lower East Side, if the project goes through.

There are no concrete details on the project at the moment, but a spokesperson for the development team issued the following statement:

"We are in the early stages of evaluating development options for the site, and look forward to working closely with the community as our plans develop."

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