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Get a Drone's-Eye View of Hart Island, Manhattan's Off-Limits Potter's Field

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See the notoriously inaccessible island from above

Over one million bodies are interned on Hart Island, New York City's 101-acre potter's field just east of The Bronx. Under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections, access to the island is minimal at best barring the Riker's inmates who are paid .50 cents per hour to bury the dead. The New York Times debunks the assumption that the bodies of those who are interned there are anonymous, with no connections in the living world, in a new investigation that explores how "divergent life stories come to the same anonymous end." In some instances, bodies donated to science end up in the ditches, and others, through the negligence of legal guardians. Here, a short video from the Times shows drone footage of the island—even the Grey Lady couldn't gain access—and details a few of the personal stories of those interned there.

Hart Island

Hart Island, Bronx, NY