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Commute Time Between Manhattan and South Bronx Will Get Drastically Shorter

The MTA Will likely launch a Select Bus Service route this fall to connect the areas

The commute between Washington Heights and the South Bronx is about to get a lot quicker with the anticipated launch of a Select Bus Service this fall, DNAinfo reports. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will launch a Select Bus Service route along the existing Bx6 bus route that runs between Riverside Drive and the Hunts Point Cooperative Market.

It takes about 56 minutes on average to complete the 4.8-mile long stretch at present, but a Select Bus will significantly reduce the time and the number of stops. There are over 30 stops along the route right now, but with the new bus that will go down to just 20 — with only three stops in Manhattan.

The MTA will likely finalize the street design and the overall plan for the route sometime during the summer, and hopes to launch the service in the fall, according to DNAinfo.

The Bx6 bus route transports 25,000 passengers everyday and connects to several different modes of public transport. The new Select Bus Service will make it the 10th such bus line across the city. The MTA has seen a 10 percent increase in ridership and 23 percent increase in speed along those routes.