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More Bike Lanes May Soon Connect Manhattan and The Bronx

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Part of an overall effort to improve pedestrian and biker connectivity and safety

Only five of the 16 bridges that connect Manhattan and the Bronx have bike paths, but the city's Department of Transportation is now looking to change that in a big way, Streetsblog reports. Since last summer, the agency has been looking to improve bike and pedestrian access between the two boroughs, and over this past spring, the DOT released several ideas [PDF!] for those improvements.

A final plan won't be unveiled until sometime in the fall, but the agency is considering all sorts of improvements like better bike infrastructure, wider sidewalks, and better connectivity between the bridges and the streets that lead to them on either side.

For instance, at the Macombs Dam Bridge, which leads to the Yankee Stadium, the DOT is looking to build a cantilever on the north side of the bridge, and install a shared-use bike path, which will ultimately connect to Jerome Avenue in the Bronx.

On several other bridges, like the University Heights, Washington Avenue, and Madison Avenue bridges, the DOT is considering the creation of two-way, barrier-protected bike paths.

Some of the measures are quick fix changes the agency is looking to make to ensure the bridges are safer, and others like the shared-use bike path are long-term changes.

The bike path on the Randall's Island Connector, which opened at the end of last year, is one of the newest among the bike paths connecting the two boroughs, and right as the city is in the midst of Bike to Work Week, the proposed improvements on part of the DOT come as a welcome sign for the future.