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Famed 20th-Century Artist's Village Studio, Now a Rental, Asks $9,500

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The top floor of the Greenwich Village townhouse once owned by William Glackens is on the rental market

The townhouse at 10 West 9th Street was built in 1841 and from 1910 through 1938 was owned by William Glackens, an American artist who's associated with the Aschcan movement of the early 20th century. Paintings and drawings in the Ashcan School most notably depicted routine, daily life in New York City and for that, Glackens was positioned perfectly, between Fifth and Sixth avenues and just a few minutes walk from Washington Square Park, where he observed and painted.

Glackens added a mansard roof to the townhouse, which gave its top floor 17-foot ceilings and tons of natural light for use as his studio. In the years since Glackens owned the townhouse—he lived there until the end of his life—it's been split up into rentals. The space that once housed the artist's studio has been converted into a two-bedroom duplex with a dining room and terrace, and is now on the market asking $9,500 per month.