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Brooklyn Bridge Park's Housing Plan Loses State Support, But City Will Move Ahead

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Empire State Development will not back the Pier 6 housing plan

The future of the controversial Pier 6 plan is in jeopardy after the state pulled support from the project, Politico reports. Empire State Development was supposed to take a vote on the project this week but on Monday it informed the de Blasio administration that the State would not support the project due to several ongoing concerns about the development.

The city however has decided to move ahead with its plans, according to the New York Times. Those plans call for the creation of two residential towers developed in collaboration between RAL Development Services and Oliver's Realty Group. One would be a 26-story tower with 116 market-rate condos. The second would be a 12-story tower, with 188 apartments, 131 of which would be affordable. The development team would pay the city $98 million in annual rent, which would in part go towards the upkeep of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The project has been opposed by local residents and politicians from the start, and the State had previously raised concerns about this disapproval too, but in this case the State is specifically concerned about some of the development team's connections with the de Blasio administration. The State pointed out that the head of RAL has contributed to de Blasio's political causes, and that one of the equity partners for the Pier 6 housing plan, China Vanke, is connected to the Rivington House scandal.

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