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A Tiny House Is Rising in a Chelsea Pedestrian Plaza

TaskRabbit partnered with nonprofit org Community Solutions for the project

Micro-dwellings have been gaining traction in New York City in the past few years, with more micro-apartments (including a whole building of 'em) popping up throughout the city. But one thing you don't see every day is a full-on tiny house in the middle of the five boroughs.

But that's about to change, at least for a couple of days: TaskRabbit, the Uber-like service that pairs freelancers with people who are willing to pay for help with mundane tasks, is in the process of building a bona fide tiny house in the middle of Chelsea, right across from the Apple store on Ninth Avenue.

The company has partnered with Community Solutions, which works with communities throughout the city with the goal of ending homelessness, on the project; once the house is completed, it'll be auctioned off with the proceeds benefitting the nonprofit organization. Ten TaskRabbit "Taskers" are building the house from the ground up, and they're close to being finished—they've put up the walls, installed windows, and will clean and decorate the space once it's just about ready for occupancy.

The finished product will be on view in Chelsea Triangle tomorrow, where the public will get a chance to snoop around the small space. Check out a video of the space coming together: