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WTC’s Elevated Park Is Coming Along, Will Open This Summer

The one-acre Liberty Park is gearing up for its summer opening

Work on Liberty Park at the World Trade Center site is quickly moving forward in anticipation of its summer opening, DNAinfo reports. Located atop the entrance to a vehicle security center, the one-acre park sits 25-feet above ground, and overlooks the 9/11 Memorial Plaza.

The park will have several benches, and over 50 trees. The selection of trees includes a chestnut tree sapling that's descended from the chestnut tree that grew outside the annex where Anne Frank hid from the Nazis. Eleven other saplings have been planted in locations across the United States through the Sapling Project, as "living monuments to Anne’s pursuit of peace and tolerance."

Other additions to this Park include a memorial to the St. Nicholas Church, which was destroyed on 9/11. The Shrine is being designed by Santiago Calatrava, who also worked on the WTC Transportation Hub. Work on that project will get underway after the elevated park opens this summer. A 300-foot long "Living Wall" that runs along the Park will be covered in greenery as well.

The $50 million park project will also create a footbridge between Battery Park City and the Financial District when the overall project is complete next year.