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Mod Williamsburg Condo With a Quirky Layout Seeks $900K

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The apartment comes with its very own master suite

"Quirky" is often used as a descriptor when thee isn't much to say an apartment that's good—but in this case, it fits, because this Williamsburg apartment has one heck of an unusual layout. The apartment is nearly 1,000 square feet, with a large common space and a lovely little terrace facing to the south.

But there's also a bedroom separated from the rest of the apartment by a hallway. The room itself is pretty large, with an exposed brick wall and an en-suite bathroom. It's basically a master suite, but in a Brooklyn apartment asking less than $1 million.

Other features of the sleek, modern apartment include a renovated kitchen with a huge fridge, subway tile, and an island separating it from the living space; a washer and dryer in-unit; and another bathroom, so that guests don't have to walk all the way to the master bath if they need to, um, go. The asking price: $899,000.