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Islamic Cultural Center and Condos Slated For 45 Park Place Move Forward

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Will bring 50 apartments to Tribeca and a cultural center designed by Jean Nouvel

Plans to bring a 43-story condo tower to 45 Park Place in Tribeca are moving forward with the developer, Sharif El-Gamal of Soho Properties, having acquired a $219 million construction loan for the project, The Real Deal reports. Once dubbed the "Ground Zero Mosque" site due to the inclusion of a 15-story Islamic cultural center as part of the project, El-Gamal has since scaled that down to a three-story building designed by Jean Nouvel, which will be located at 51 Park Place.

In regards to the condo tower — plans call for the creation of a 665-foot building with 50 apartments, that will be designed by SOMA Architects. That plan seems to have altered slightly from last fall when plans called for a 70-story building — though the height of the building is virtually the same.

The State Attorney General's office approved the condo offering plan last November, according to TRD with a projected sellout for the building pegged at $391.9 million

Amenities announced so far include a pool, a fitness center, a children's playroom, and a 2,821 square foot public plaza along with retail and green space, according to the New York Post.

Plans for the condo and the Islamic center were first announced in 2010 and generated controversy due to their proximity to the World Trade Center site. Those plans were subsequently abandoned, to then be renewed on a smaller scale a few years later.

Developers will likely break ground on the project sometime this summer with an expected completion sometime in 2018.

45 Park Place

45 Park Place, New York, NY 10007