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Two Adjoining Bronx Houses With a Massive Indoor Pool Seek $3.85M

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The gigantic homes in Fieldston could be combined into a "family compound," so sayeth the broker

For $3.85 million, you could buy this three-bedroom condo in Tribeca, or this three-bedroom Upper East Side co-op—or you could snag not one, but two houses in Fieldston, the tony Bronx neighborhood that's adjacent to Riverdale. The homes at 4506 Delafield Avenue and 4485 Fieldston Road are a package deal: they're connected by a private garden, and the listing says that they "could serve as a family compound." (Sure, why not.)

The houses themselves are quite different. The Delafield Road house was built in 1993, and has a more contemporary look. There's an indoor pool that looks very, well, ’90s, along with a common space overlooking the pool, a retro-ish kitchen, and four bedrooms. (Also, a carousel in the backyard, for reasons we can't quite fathom.) And it's just down the road from this postmodern gem to boot.

On Fieldston Road, meanwhile, the five-bedroom house was built in the 1930s, but has clearly gotten an upgrade in the years since, though the finishes and the decor still feel slightly retro. Presumably, a buyer for a Bronx compound would have the scratch to redo the decor to their tastes.

Here's the 1993 home:

And the 1930s one: