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Gas-Station Replacing Hotel and Office Building Planned in Washington Heights

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The building will stand 18-stories tall and include offices and retail as well

Following the announcement of two tall towers planned for Washington Heights, here's news of another large project coming to the neighborhood. This time it's a 192-room hotel and office building that will stand 18-stories tall, The Real Deal reports.

Developed by Youngwoo & Associates, of Bronx Post Office and Pier 57 fame, the building will be located on what was once a Shell gas station at 2420 Amsterdam Avenue. The project is being designed by Marvel Architects, and plans call for two distinct portions — one for the hotel and the other for the offices with space for retail on ground floor.

Youngwoo & Associates purchased the site in the summer of 2013 for $12 million. This project now joins the proposal for a 19-story building at 4566 Broadway, and a 23-story building at 4650 Broadway.