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Prospect Park Will Get Clean-Up Help From Hungry Goats This Summer

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The herd of goats will help prune shrubbery in the Vale of Cashmere

The maintenance crews in Prospect Park are about to get a lot fuzzier, and a little bit more adorable. The Prospect Park Alliance announced today that it'll add eight goats to its clean-up crews; the animals will be tasked with clearing weeds and other plants out of the overgrown northeastern corner of the park, which was damaged during Hurricane Sandy and has been neglected ever since.

The goats offer several advantages over human gardeners; for one, they can consume plants that might otherwise be harmful to humans (according to the New York Times, one of their favorite things to eat is poison ivy). They also have the advantage of being, well, goats:

The area, a steep hillside, presents unique challenges and access issues for staff and machinery, but is easily accessible to goats, which provide a green and environmentally friendly approach to weed removal.


The goats will arrive from their home in Rhinebeck in the next few weeks, and will spend the summer chomping their way through the Vale of Cashmere. The estimated cost: $15,000 for the season, according to the Times.

And just for fun, here are some more goat photos. Awwww.

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