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New Looks at Chelsea’s SkyBox, a Condo-Gallery-Retail Hybrid

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A 19-story building with 10 full-floor units, and a five-story penthouse

It's been over two years since we last checked in with this planned 19-story tower set to rise next to the High Line in Chelsea, and 6sqft has now got its hands on renderings that give a better sense of what the 60,000 square foot project will look like.

Developer Jonathan Leitersdorf purchased the lot at 188 Eleventh Avenue for $10 million in 2012, and intends to create 10 full-floor units at the site as well as a five-floor penthouse, which Leitersdorf will eventually occupy.

The plan also calls for the rehabilitation of the adjacent, four-story Chelsea Highline Hotel, which will be converted into 19 permanently affordable apartments. Plans for the rehabilitation were submitted last month, and those for the 19-story building, known as Chelsea SkyBox, have already been approved, according to 6sqft.

The ground floor of the two buildings will be connected and created into a 15,000 square foot space to house an art gallery and a museum. The two buildings will also be connected on the fourth floor through a sculpture garden on the roof of the shorter building.