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Checking In On Robert A.M. Stern's 220 Central Park South

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The mysterious limestone tower, which could be home to a $250 million apartment, continues its rise

Robert A.M. Stern's ultra-luxury tower at 220 Central Park South—soon to be home to a $250 million apartment, maybe—continues its rise above the park. New construction photos by Tectonic, taken for YIMBY, show that the building is making significant progress: It's reached the 25th floor, but more importantly, its limestone cladding is creeping further up the building, helping it look like the (few) renderings we've seen of the structure.

Updates from the Stern team have been few and far between, but here's what we do know: The building will eventually rise 70 stories, with more than 100 condos (including that rumored $250 million mega-apartment), some of which will be ultra-expensive "Villas" that will face Central Park.

220 Central Park South

220 Central Park South, New York, NY