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Bobby Flay Cuts the Ask of His Chelsea Duplex to $6.95M

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The celebrity chef wants out of his Chelsea Mercantile duplex

The Chelsea Mercantile Building duplex once shared by celebrity chef Bobby Flay and now ex-wife Law & Order actress Stephanie March hit the market in October uncouthly touting its "spectacular open kitchen designed with and for a professional chef." But despite the duplex's star power, the apartment has yet to sell—and has now reappeared sporting a brand new price chop and some new staging. The apartment, initially asking $7.95 million, is now on the market for $6.95 million.

The duplex is a comprised of an eighth floor and ninth floor unit that Flay and March combined into a 3,256 square foot abode. The interiors are designed by MG & Company, who have partnered with Flay on his NYC restaurants. The apartment was also listed as a $22,500/month rental in January, and that offering is still on the menu.

Chelsea Mercantile

252 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY