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Napster Founder Sean Parker May Be Assembling a West Village Megamansion

The former Facebook president could be building a huge home in the Village

Tech entrepreneur Sean Parker, who's best-known for founding Napster and being portrayed by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network (delivering the immortal line "You know what's cool? A billion dollars"), may be expanding his West Village footprint. He bought the erstwhile Bacchus House at 40 West 10th Street back in 2011, and now, The Real Deal reports he's the buyer behind an adjacent townhouse.

TRD cited "a source with knowledge of the deal" regarding the purchase, but the New York Observer has what could be more proof: The home, located at 38 West 10th Street, was purchased by an anonymous LLC—38W10, LLC—that's registered to a lawyer in Palo Alto. The same lawyer is also the representative for Rivendell House, LLC, the shell corporation that Parker used to by the property at 40 West 10th. The plot thickens.

Of course, that's not necessarily proof of anything, so consider this all speculation at this point. In any case, 38 West 10th was formerly carved into rentals, so whoever purchased the place for $16.5 million will have some renovating to do if they want to make it a single-family home (or a single-family megamansion, whatever). If it is indeed Parker, here's hoping it goes better than his previous alterations to his home, which haven't made him many friends on West 10th Street.