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For $900K, a Midcentury City Island Bungalow With Waterfront Views

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This charming beachfront house has a deck and plenty of charm

There's a lot to love about this utterly charming City Island home, asking $898,000. The four-bedroom house was built in 1965, and its owners have kept that midcentury modern look going throughout. There's also the simple fact that it doesn't look like the houses you typically find in New York City: Instead of being a stately brick row home or a low-slung townhouse, it's a beachfront bungalow with a stilt foundation to protect against possible flooding. And in City Island, no less.

Granted, it's not perfect—the bathrooms are in need of an update (it is midcentury, after all, and has the bubblegum-pink commode to match), as are some of the appliances. And the right buyer would most likely be someone who could deal with the unpredictability of living right on the water. But hey, we can dream about living in such a unique, un-New York-y space, can't we?