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Extell Spiffs Up Lower East Side Construction Site With Murals

Three artists have graced the area with site-specific artworks

A recent construction site photo shows that Extell's One Manhattan Square project is beginning its upward ascent. Once completed, the building will be an 823-foot condo tower with 815 apartments and interiors designed by Meyer Davis Studios. But the skyscraper won't be complete until 2019, so for the time being, that space is just another noisy, dusty construction site.

In an effort to spruce up the area, Extell has recruited three New York artists to create artwork for the scaffolding along the construction site. Artists Margaret Inga Urías, Nicholas Forker, and Jessica Tynk each drew inspiration from the neighborhood surrounding the construction site to create large-scale exhibitions. Check out some of the pieces below:

↑ Margaret Inga Urías's work was inspired by the area surrounding the Manhattan Bridge, historic maps, and photographs. Her work, 'In This Square' is a composited sketch of what she saw that intermingles "the lost past, the eclectic present, and a hypothetical future."

↑ Nicholas Forker's work draws inspiration from his Italian ancestry and its ties to the Lower East Side. His artwork is meant to depict the constantly changing culture and neighborhood.

↑ Jessica Tynk's exhibition celebrates the architects and engineers that make New York City buildings possible.