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Charles Street Building With Megamansion Aspirations Returns For $45M

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The building first hit the market in 2014 asking $47.5 million

The uber-rich can't get past the idea of New York City megamansions, particularly in the quaint West Village. A palatial single-family spread on Charles Street between Greenwich and Washington showed up on the market again this morning after first appearing in 2014. This time the listing touts new renderings that imagine how a wealthy buyer could transform the uninspiring office building that currently stands at 134 Charles Street into a 13,000-square-foot home complete with—what else?—a personal squash court.

The building is now asking $45 million, sans renovation. The former factory was first pitched as a $47.5 million "unparalleled opportunity to create a spectacular West Village mansion" after it was purchased by investor Ciaran O'Kelly in 2008 for $17 million. At the time, O'Kelly had recently renovated the building into two floors of office space with two rentals asking $33,000 and $17,000. But alas, this is the age of the West Village megamansion and anything less than that won't do.

In the beginning of May, billionaire Jon Stryker unveiled his plan for a 12,000 square foot Jane Street megamansion which was poo-pooed by the community board, much the plan to transform 134 Charles Street in the Greenwich Village Historic District Extension might be too. But should it (or they) move forward, they'll join the company of the Village's own impenetrable fortress, and Annie Leibovitz's former Greenwich Street compound now owned by Lauren Bush Lauren, among others.