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City Stands By Its Approval of The Brooklyn Heights Library Overhaul

The sale is currently being investigated by the Feds

A day after news emerged that the Brooklyn Heights redevelopment plan was under investigation by the feds, the de Blasio administration is defending itself against allegations made in a New York Post story that it had ties to the developer, Hudson Companies.

A spokesperson for the administration spoke with the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and stressed the fact that Hudson's bid was chosen because it provided the best overall benefit to the community.

"Hudson Companies was awarded the contract meritoriously as its bid provided the best overall package for the library and the community at large, including the most affordable housing," the spokesperson told the Daily Eagle.

Concerns about the sale revolve around the fact that Hudson Companies may have contributed to Mayor Bill de Blasio's political campaigns since 2007, and that the administration accepted Hudson's bid even though it was $6 million lower than a competitor's bid.

An unnamed source in the administration told the Brooklyn Eagle that Hudson's project was chosen because it offered more affordable units, and a quicker completion time.

As plans stand right now, Hudson will build a 36-story tower at the site of the existing library with a new, smaller public library at the base of the building, and apartments above that, 114 of which would be affordable.