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Coming Soon to Staten Island's North Shore: a Public Art Initiative

A new effort spearheaded by the Design Trust for Public Space and Staten Island Arts

A consortium of public and private groups is looking to enhance Staten Island's North Shore, and is calling on local artists and designers to lead an effort to create better public spaces in the area. Spearheaded by the Design Trust for Public Space and Staten Island Arts, the group will award four fellowships in the fields of participatory art, urban design, policy, and graphic design for ideas and next steps related to this redevelopment, which the group is calling, Future Culture: Connecting Staten Island's Waterfront.

"With Future Culture, we're excited to forge new ground to connect the Staten Island arts community, North Shore waterfront developers, and key policy makers to envision new opportunities for public space," Susan Chin, the executive director of the design trust, said in a press release. "Capitalizing on the power of the arts to bring people together and drawing on local knowledge, we'll get them actively involved in the development of their neighborhood together."

The exact details for the revitalization effort are still scarce, but one of the ideas put forth includes a plan for artists to access public and private owned sites and storefronts in this neighborhood to display their art.

The project has received the support of city agencies like the Economic Development Corporation, and developers like BFC Partners, Ironstate, Triangle Equities, and New York Wheel.