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L Train Riders Willing to Give Up Service For Shorter Shutdown

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Riders Alliance surveyed several New Yorkers living along the L Train

Joel Raskin/Curbed Flickr Pool

More than 75 percent of the commuters along the L Train prefer a shorter, complete shutdown of service between Manhattan and Brooklyn for Sandy-related repairs, than a partial shutdown taking place over three years, Gothamist reports.

Transportation advocacy group, Riders Alliance, surveyed 350 New Yorkers, mostly those who live along the L Train, and 77 percent of the responders preferred an 18 month closure.

This is also the schedule the MTA expressed a preference for at the first public meeting organized on the impending shutdown, earlier this month. In the shorter plan, the Canarsie tunnel will be closed for repairs between January 2019 and July 2020. That means there will be service to Manhattan from Brooklyn or vice versa, nor will there be any service along the L stations in Manhattan. Service in Brooklyn will run on the current schedule.

The longer plan would take three years with a partial closure of tunnels, but that would mean fewer trains, and fewer passengers being able to make the commute, especially during rush hour.

Those who took part in Riders Alliance's survey also requested additional trains on the G and J lines, and for the creation of dedicated bus lane. In fact, attendees at the second public meeting of for the L Train shutdown even floated the idea of shutting down 14th Street to cars and creating a dedicated Select Bus Service route instead.

A third public meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 26, at 6 p.m. at the Beraca Baptist Church in Canarsie.