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Former Brooklyn Heights Hotel Is Latest Jehovah's Witnesses Property to Hit the Market

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Currently used as a residential building by members of the organization

Just over a week after they put a four-story Dumbo property on the market, the Jehovah's Witnesses have listed a massive a Brooklyn Heights property for sale, The Real Deal reports. That property is a 314,000 square foot residential building at 21 Clark Street that is currently used by members of the organization.

The 16-story building was home to the Leverich Towers Hotel when it first opened in 1928, but the building was converted into a residence when the Witnesses acquired the property in 1975 — they subsequently took on a massive renovation effort in the mid-nineties.

This latest offering on part of the Witnesses joins at least half a dozen other properties the organization has listed in recent months. The most notable deal perhaps is the $700 million Jared Kushner and Aby Rosen have agreed to pay for the Witnesses' 773,000 square foot headquarters.

The building on Clark Street is located within the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, so any changes to the building's façade would have to go through the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The Witnesses' massive selloff of properties is a lead up to their move to Warwick in upstate New York.