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MTA’s $27B Capital Plan Finally Gets State Approval

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Will allow the Second Avenue Subway to expand into East Harlem

A massive funding plan for the MTA is finally moving forward, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday. The Capital Plan Review Board has approved the $27 billion, five-year capital plan for the MTA, the New York Daily News reports, which among several upgrades will see the next phase of the Second Avenue Subway moving forward, as well as the addition of 1,450 more subway cars to the system.

"By investing in the most robust transportation plan in state history, we are reimagining the MTA and ensuring a safer, more reliable and more resilient public transportation network for tomorrow," Governor Cuomo said in a press release.

Of the total funds, the state will provide $8.3 billion, and the city will contribute $2.5 billion, but those funds will only be made available after the MTA has used its own resources, according to the Daily News.

Other improvements include the purchase of 2,340 new buses, bringing Metro North service to Penn Station, the creation of four, new Metro North stations in underserved areas of the Bronx, a new fare payment system to replace the MetroCard, and renovation work on 31 subway stations throughout the city.