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West Village Duplex Has the Coolest Spiral Staircase-Turned-Library

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The apartment was revamped by a Brooklyn architecture firm

In space-starved New York City apartments, tenants are constantly challenged to come up with new ways to carve out storage space in not-particularly-huge places. This West Village duplex, asking just about $2 million, is one pretty cool example of making that work. The extremely minimalist look belies one extremely cool feature: a series of bookshelves built into a spiral staircase that connects the apartment's two levels.

Sure, some people might say it's impractical, but it's certainly a novel way to approach storing books—and it makes for a lovely decorative element, if you're super into books.

The apartment was remodeled by Brooklyn firm SU11 Architecture Design, which combined two smaller units into the current two-bedroom duplex; there's also a sliding wall on the upper level (where the living and dining rooms are located), which can be used to create another small room in the common area. There's also a chef's kitchen, two bathrooms, and a walk-in closet.