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How Much For a Tiny, Renovated Tudor City Studio?

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Can you guess the asking price?

Pricespotter is Curbed's pricing guessing game. How much do you think this place is asking? Drop your guess in the comments, and remember, no cheating!

What/Where: Studio in Tudor City

Square Footage: Approximately 300

Maintenance: $1,018

Let's try something a little different for this week's Pricespotter column, shall we? And by "a little different" we mean, "ask you to guess the price of what is pretty much a micro-apartment." This tiny studio is located within the Tudor City complex (but no, we're not going to tell you which building), and it's small. As in, 300 square feet, per the listing (and there doesn't appear to be an oven). But it was recently renovated and is now a rather charming space, with a large closet, built-in shelving, and the benefit of a great location. So the big (ha) question is: How much do you think it's asking?