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W Train Will Return to Astoria With MTA Approval

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The MTA has spoken. The agency's full board voted today to return W service to Astoria, Queens, DNAinfo reports. The resumed service is part of changes coming to the Q line thanks to the Second Avenue Subway. W train service is due to resume in November, with the Second Avenue Subway finally—finally!—poised to begin service in December.

An exact service plan has yet to be hashed out but the MTA recommends revising service on the N and Q lines so that the Q services the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway at 72nd, 86th, and 96th streets rather than running into Queens as it does now. According to an earlier report, the W may make all local stops between Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard and Whitehall St. during weekdays. Much like Q service to Astoria now, there may be no W service on weekends or late nights.

The announcement comes after the MTA's Capital Plan Review Board, which has Gothamist says has final veto power over over state-approved MTA funding, voted to approve the MTA's $27 billion capital plan for 2015-2019.