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New Look at the Conversion of Brooklyn's Domino Sugar Refinery

Two Trees is looking for a single tenant to takeover the 380,000 square foot space

New details have emerged on Two Trees Management's conversion of the Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg into an office building. The conversion of the refinery is part of Two Trees' megaproject along the Williamsburg waterfront that will see the creation of 2,800 apartments. Jed Walentas, the CEO of Two Trees spoke with the New York Post about his plans for the conversion of the 380,000 square foot building.

The Post's coverage is accompanied by a new rendering and information that Walentas hopes for a single tenant to take over the office building when it is complete. In fact, Walentas is hoping to find the tenant before proceeding with the final design of the space. Instead he wants the tenant to work with architecture firm, Beyer Blinder Belle (known for their work with historic NYC buildings), to create a space according to their specifications.

The exterior of the refinery at 292-314 Kent Avenue is an individual landmark, and as a result Two Trees plans to maintain the red brick façade and instead create a glass and steel structure within. The renovated building will also include 15,000-square foot glass box floors at the top along with the iconic Domino Sugar sign, which is being kept in storage at the moment. If Walentas is unable to get a single tenant for the building, he will take the traditional route and market it as separate spaces.

The overall plan for 11-acre waterfront site includes 600,000 square feet of offices, six-acres of park space along the waterfront, the above-mentioned 2,800 apartments, 700 of which will be affordable, and 200,000 square feet of community and retail space. The first, 550-unit residential building is expected to be complete by the summer of 2017.