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Bronx Museum of Arts Will Get Big Revamp, Including New Gallery

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The Bronx facility will get upgrades allowing for more space and new exhibitions

One of the Bronx's best cultural institutions is about to get an upgrade. The Bronx Museum of the Arts announced plans for an extensive overhaul of its Grand Concourse facility, with upgrades happening in an effort to advance the museum’s expanding role as a vital community resource, as well as to meet the demands caused by an influx in attendance.

MPdL Studio leader, Monica Ponce de Leon, has been selected by the Department and Design Construction to design phase one of the project, which includes an overhaul of the Museum’s South Wing Atrium into what's being called a "Gallery Cube," allowing for more exhibition and public program space. The project is a public-private partnership and will be funded through the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. The projected cost is estimated to be about $25 million, with $6.9 million already being appropriated for phase one. The Museum is currently in the "silent phase," with hopes of securing private funds for the full project.

The Bronx Museum of Arts aims to make art accessible to everyone, offering daily free admission to all. Their permanent collection holds over 1,000 artworks that are curated to reflect the surrounding community and appeal to their diverse audience. Construction will begin some time this year and is expected to be completed in 2020. The Museum has plans to remain open while undergoing the redesign.