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Passageway Connecting WTC Hub and Fulton Center Finally Opens

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The Dey Street Concourse will also connect to WTC 1, 4, and Battery Park City

Starting at 5 p.m. today, an underground passageway will connect the World Trade Center transit hub with the Fulton Center, DNAinfo reports. Known as the Dey Street Concourse, this 350-foot long pedestrian tunnel runs below Dey Street between Broadway and Church Street.

This underground passageway will provide a vital link between nine subway lines that run through the Fulton Center, and the PATH station. It will also allow commuters to avoid the ongoing construction at the World Trade Center site and provid better ADA accessibility with the Fulton Center's 10 escalators and 15 elevators.

The Dey Street Concourse will also connect to World Trade Center 1 and 4 as well as Battery Park City. Come 2018, the passageway will also connect to the E Train stop at the WTC, and the 1 Train stop at Cortlandt Street.