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Architects Propose Turning Area Under the BQE Into Public Space

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Ideas include a sports facility and commercial kitchens

Architecture firm Buro Koray Duman has released conceptual designs for two sets of projects that could transform an underutilized area under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, where it passes through Sunset Park, Dezeen reports.

The first of the two proposals would see the area converted into a sports facility that serves the tenants of the nearby Industry City complex as well as students from the nearby public school. This proposal includes space for basketball, volleyball and exercise classes, according to Dezeen.

The second proposal would see the area transformed into commercial kitchens that would provide food to Industry City tenants during lunch hour, and serve as a starting point for food trucks to travel to different parts of the city. Once the trucks were out for the day, that area serve as a park space for the community.

Though the renderings are just conceptual in nature, they're still interesting to look at what with this plan now joining several other ideas to transform the areas along the BQE. Just a few weeks ago, a plan to bring an elevated park over the BQE resurfaced after it was first proposed in 2010.