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Charming Townhouse on Private Washington Mews Asking $30,000/Month

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The home is located on one of Manhattan's hidden thoroughfares

New York is full of lovely little secret streets, many of which actually have residents who are lucky enough to call them home—Warren Mews and Sylvan Terrace are just two that come to mind. And today, a two-bedroom townhouse on another private lane, Washington Mews (between Fifth Avenue and University Place in Greenwich Village) hit the rental market.

Built in the mid-19th-century, the former carriage house has gotten a pretty thorough renovation, with modern upgrades like a gas fireplace, a big chef's kitchen, and a marble-clad bathroom. The exterior is particularly lovely, with blue shutters and planters lining the outside of the home, and a small balcony overlooking a courtyard on the back. There's also a dedicated parking spot in the mews itself.

But charm and privacy doesn't come cheap: the house, a rental, is asking $29,995 per month.