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New Study Shows Which NYC Neighborhoods Have Become Unaffordable for Locals

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Five neighborhoods in the Bronx ranked the highest

Neighborhoods in the Bronx ranked the highest among areas citywide that are becoming unaffordable for locals, DNAinfo reports, based on a study conducted by the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development. In fact, the top five neighborhood citywide were in Bronx, and the University Heights/Fordham area was right at the top.

To measure affordability, ANHD looked at income, unemployment and the number of overcrowded households in the neighborhood, among several other factors. University Heights/Fordham saw more than 3,000 families apply for shelter between 2012 and 2015. Furthermore, more than 67 percent of the houses in the neighborhood are considered rent burdened — meaning residents pay more than 30 percent of their income on rent. The neighborhood also had the highest number of housing litigations, which is seen as a sign of having problems with landlords.

Fordham was followed by Highbridge/South Concourse, Kingsbridge Heights/Bedford, Belmont/East Tremont and Morrisania/Crotona.

Neighborhoods in Upper Manhattan like Morningside Heights and East Harlem saw the highest increase in price per square foot in residential sales, but didn't see an equivalent increase in income.