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Red Hook Locals Want a Ferry Dock Near the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

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For the citywide ferry service, locals prefer Atlantic Basin

For residents of Red Hook, Atlantic Basin is a top contender for a docking station in the neighborhood when the citywide ferry service gets underway next year, DNAinfo reports. The choice became apparent at a public meeting held Tuesday, and it's also one of the choices the city's Economic Development Corporation is considering.

Citing an environmental report released earlier this month that air pollution would increase near the docking stations for the ferry, residents voiced a preference for the Atlantic Basin, located next to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, because it's a little bit away from the residential units in the neighborhood.

Other locations in the neighborhood that are under consideration include the pier at Valentino Park, an area near Fairway Market on Van Brunt Street, and the Erie Basin near Ikea.

Once the citywide ferry service gets underway, it will also include stops in Dumbo, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Sunset Park, and Bay Ridge.