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Brooklyn Heights Duplex Sells In One Day Because Everything Is Ridiculous

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It also sold for nearly half a million more than its list price

Oh look! Just when we didn't need it, here comes more proof of just how bonkers the New York real estate market is. This time, that takes form in a Brooklyn Heights duplex that sold in a single day after its open house. Not only that, but the garden duplex at 18 Cranberry Street sold for nearly half a million over its asking price.

To be fair, the apartment is pretty lovely and appointed with just about everything someone living in Brooklyn Heights could want. The sellers took the apartment down to the studs in a 2014 renovation—they purchased it for $1.775 million in 2012—and appointed it with luxe amenities like a heated coat closet (who even knew this was a thing?) and a wine fridge.

The duplex has three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, and was initially listed for $3.125 million.