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Roosevelt Island's Candy-Colored Pool is Back

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The powers that be have decided to bring the colorfully fun pool installation back for a second year

For the second consecutive year, cotton candy colors have returned to the Manhattan Park Pool Club on Roosevelt Island. The Roosevelt Island Associates have once again commissioned a vibrant mural around the 8,000 square foot pool.

While last year’s rainbow-painted pool was painted by artist, HOT TEA, for design firm, K&Co and Pliskin Architecture, the artist behind this year’s work is Andrew Faris, a contemporary Wyoming-based artist who’s classified as a minimalist painter. His project, entitled Block Party, uses a series of colors that lap around the pool’s deck to create bright bursts of blue, green, pink, and yellow territories.

The installation opens today and the pool itself will open on Memorial Day. Day passes can be purchased for Manhattan Park pool by non-residents for $35 during weekdays and $50 on weekends. A seasonal membership will run you $700 per person.