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Tribeca's Staple Street Skybridge Tries Again, Still Wants $50M

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The unusual listing, with two units connected by a historic skybridge, is still up for grabs

One of the city's most unusual listings has quietly shuffled off, and then back on, the market. The historic Staple Street Skybridge in Tribeca—actually a townhouse on Jay Street and a loft on Hudson Street that are connected by the bridge—originally hit the market back in October with Nest Seekers International, asking a staggering $50 million. It was then de-listed in April, and reappeared just this week—and while the brokerage is different (Brown Harris Stevens is now on the property), the massive asking price is still the same.

Granted, this can't be an easy listing to sell—is it a house? a combo unit? a weird trophy property for a very wealthy buyer? some combination of the three?—but the change did happen fairly quickly, considering that some homes sit on the market for years without a change in brokerages. "These properties offer a buyer a unique opportunity for residential or commercial use, or a combination of the two," says the listing—but it'll have to find a buyer first. (We've reached out to BHS for comment.)