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432 Park Avenue Reveals Offices and Glowing Retail Space

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The massive residential tower isn't quite done yet

Condos in the now-iconic (and controversial) 432 Park Avenue have finally started closing, and as residents get closer to moving in, the building's developers have deemed it a good time to show off its forthcoming retail and office spaces. Those spaces will occupy more than 130,000 square feet in the building, split up over several floors, and developer Macklowe has designed an innovative framework for what future businesses will soon call home at the iconic skyscraper.

The office space will be take over four floors above 40 East 57th Street, with more than 17,000 square feet of space on each floor. Thanks to Rafael Viñoly's innovative (and inspired-by-a-trash-can) building design, those offices will also have floor-to-ceiling windows and column-free floorplans. The retail, meanwhile, will be divided into three spaces: 40 East 57th Street, the Park Avenue Cube, and an underground concourse, covering a total of more than 20,000 square feet in all.

The Park Avenue Cube will be a boxy white glass structure (not unlike an Apple store) with more than 6,000 square feet of space over its two floors. At night, the corner of 56th Street will be transformed into a luminous beacon courtesy of the Cube. Complementary to the Park Avenue Cube will be an adjacent marble plaza designed by Zion and Breech (the firm responsible for MoMA's Sculpture Garden and Paley Park). The underground concourse will bridge 40 East 57th with the Cube while offering 30,000 square feet of its own.

432 Park Avenue

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