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In Fiske Terrace, a Century-Old Colonial Revival House Seeks $2.65M

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It was once a model house for the small Flatbush enclave


On a perfectly manicured corner in the tiny Brooklyn enclave of Fiske Terrace sits this 1905 Colonial Revival house. For being over a century old, it looks like it's in great shape—that is, if you're willing to look beyond the dated kitchen and bathrooms. This is Curbed's first-ever Renovation Week after all, and no project is too big or too small to scale.

The house at 74 Wellington Court is part of the Flatbush enclave's landmark section, and its original details reflect that antiquity; a winding central staircase, decorative mahogany inlay, and lovely mantels speak to the house's history as one of the model properties for the Fiske Terrace development.

But then you hit the kitchen and bathrooms, which are better left in a former era. Like some of its contemporaries, taking care of a home like this is an act of love. Anyone looking to step up to the challenge and straddle a renovation to boot better be able to stomach the house's pricetag of $2.65 million.