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DDG's Tribeca Condo Really Looks Like a Pile of Rocks

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Does DDG's bluestone-clad condo look like its renderings?

And just like that, DDG's Tribeca condo designed to look like a pile of rocks reveals itself. And, surprise!, it looks like just like a pile of rocks. Renderings for the exterior of the luxury developer's Tribeca condo were first unveiled in February 2015, alongside a bona fide inspiration board of images of neatly stacked bluestone. The facade, revealed here in photos by Tectonic, manages to live up to the hype.

The Times called out the unusual facade as part of a larger masonry trend sweeping the city (although 12 Warren takes it to the nth degree.) Maybe DDG didn't want to undermine the building's eco-friendly aspect with its design. The building's 13 condos are LEED certified, and come with other finishes from the quarry like Carrera marble-sheathed bathrooms and Saint Laurent marble kitchen countertops.

Sales launched in the building in January, with available units asking from $5.7 million. Nowadays, just three of the buildings units are on the market: a penthouse asking just shy of $5 million, and two full-floor apartments asking $6.9 million and $7.2 million. Curbed has reached out for a building sales update. Move-ins are expected later this year.